1)- Is there any samples cost?


FOR NEW BUYERS: According to company policy, cost of plain samples can be borne by the company. If there is any embroidery or print the buyer wants on the samples, cost must be borne by the buyer. Moreover, freight charges of samples shall be borne by the buyer. Buyer can either provide her courier account if any exist or submit freight charges either by western union or by bank. Samples shall be produced from stocked fabric and may differ a little bit in gsm or colour than buyer requirement. Companies however try to arrange fabric right according to buyer requirement and make sure accurate sizes and stitching of samples. Complete free of cost samples are possible if order is placed before samples request.

For exact colour and gsm, company suggest trial order of 200 pcs, so that company could do fresh knitting according to buyer requirement.

FOR REGULAR CUSTOMERS: After one time purchase, company provide samples completely free of cost even if embroidery or printing require.

2)- Can I order printed or embroidered samples?


Yes, printed or embroidered samples are also possible; however the production cost must be borne by the buyer if going to purchase first time from Al Momin. According to company policy, samples cost shall be refunded when the order shall be placed after samples. If samples are not according to given specification, samples reproduction cost shall be borne by the company. If changes require by the buyer side, samples reproduction cost shall be borne by the buyer. If order is not placed after samples, cost of samples shall not be refunded.

After first time purchase, cost of samples shall be borne by Al Momin for next order if samples require.

3)- Can I purchase less than 50 pcs?



No, you can not place an order below the MOQ as per company policy.

4)- Can I get goods on credit?


According to Al Momin policy, company don't offer credit to new buyers. However, goods on 50% credit is possible for those regular buyers recommended by CEO or HEAD OF MARKETING DEPARTMENT.

5)- Can I inspect goods before making payment?


For new buyers, Al Momin work on 100% advance payment either in one installment or more than one installments. Therefore, inspection before payment wouldn't be possible. Company however accept full claim for any mistake or defect in production upon photographic proof.

A regular buyer, if paying in installments and ordering through our authorized representative, inspection term can be requested to include. Company however can treat each customer differently depends upon their past behavior and business.

8)- Can I change order after placing it?.


It, depends upon current working position. If the company has completed a phase of production, changes in that phase wouldn't be possible. Following are phases:

- Fabric + Labeling + Tags

- Cutting

- Printing/Embroidery

- Stitching

- Packing

If buyer increase quantity, it may consider as new order. If buyer decrease quantity, buyer might have to bear some extra cost. In many cases, minor changes don't matter.

9)- What if I have a rush order?


Our company Al Momin work 24hours a day for rush orders and also speed up the production. Company always have some reserve machines too to use for rush production. Company hires extra labor on daily / weekly base as per requirement. Most importantly, our company Al Momin don't charge anything extra for rush orders in most cases. However, in some cases, rush orders cost higher. Our company ELEGANCE GROUP cooperate its level best with all buyers.

10) how to place an order ?


Simply write an email to info@almominintl.comwith all your order details including shipping and get the quote, production time and company's account info within 12 hours. If you are satisfied, transfer payment in company's account by bank. It takes 2 business days to process payment, then the time for production shall start. Meanwhile, our Director Mr. Basit Rana or any of his assistant shall remain in touch with you either via email or both phone and email and keep you update with the production.

You can negotiate on company's email address with our Director Mr. Basit Rana or Mr. Usman Jahangir for information until you are satisfied. Company provide samples free of cost after order is placed and don't get in production unless samples are approved.

12)- How long does it take to deliver the goods?


The company is only responsible for in time production and handing over the goods to shipping company. If the shipping company delays the goods or custom delays, Company is not responsible for it even if the company is working on DDP incoterms.

For the USA & Europe , time require to deliver the goods is as:

35 days by sea

10 days by air cargo

4 days by air courier

13)- What if my order is delayed?


The company have strict check upon in time production and company policy is strict upon this issue. If the order delays more than two times the time require for production, company return half the amount of order with the ordered goods. For example, if company ask for 10 business days in producing 2000 t-shirts and company fails producing goods even in 20 business days, buyer can claim to get half the amount of order back.

Production time vary from order to order depends upon quantity, current market status, company stock and buyer requirement.

The Company is not responsible for any delay from shipping company in delivering the goods.